5 ideas to change your interior style

5 ideas for an ‘easy’ change in style in your house


Ones in a while you are done with the current style in your house, you want to change your interior style but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. And actually, a lot of work is also not what you are looking for.
Well, the first important step is to think about what you want and to pick a style that you like. Then you can look at what is needed for this or which elements fit your new style. Below you can find some ideas on how you can change your interior style easily on a low budget (or spend a lot of money and time on the same ideas if you want to). With one idea you can make already a lot of difference if you wish, you don’t need to do it all to create a new vibe in your house.

Interior design ideas:


  1. Paint a wall in a colour that fits your new style, colours make a lot of difference. If you want something special, paint the ceiling or half a wall, or half wall/half ceiling. Go crazy within your new style.
  2. Check the colour before you start painting. Hang a big piece of fabric or paper on the wall that has the colour you want to paint it. Does it give you the effect you are hoping for?
    Dark colours can fit in a modern style but can also make the wall feel closer than it really is. Different colours do different things with us, some colours make it feel warm and cosy, other ones make it feel cold and fresh. More about colours? Read here.


  3. Change one or some outstanding decorations, they do a lot to the style.
    Think also about;
    • The lampshade or maybe add / change a big floor lamp or change a pendant lamp.
    • Pillows on your sofa, couch or just on the floor.
    • Curtains

    For example when I was younger I had a big red pendant lamp in my living room, it was in the baroque style. It gave a cheerful feeling and created a room full of energy. Later the feeling it gave was not what I was looking for anymore and I wanted a different style. Just by replacing this bright coloured lamp in an explicit style to a different more modern style in a black colour made a huge difference in my room.


  4. Furniture is a big part in an interior. Give furniture with a clear style a different look. Maybe you can reupholster it. With an easy piece of fabric nicely folded over it. Or with some paint, you can give things a complete different look.
  5. (Or if you want new furniture , instead of buying new try to exchange it with someone.)

    Some furniture is more connected to one style. Take a Chesterfield couch for example it has a different style than a sofa from Eames. Maybe if you are fully committed to your new style and completely done with your furniture than you can buy new things but otherwise what I said wrapping a different colour / textured fabric around does magic already.

    The floor

  6. Changing the floor can make a completely different style. These days you have a lot of different types of flooring that you can easily place over your current floor. If you wish you can change the whole floor, otherwise a big rug can also do a lot!
  7. You can imagine that a grey wash ‘wood’ floor, even if this is actually a thin pvc material that you can easy place over your current floor, looks different than an old off white tile floor. A different floor will also automatically change the looks of your furniture.

    The Layout

  8. Last but not least change the layout. The cheapest way is: shift the furniture around, and you will be impressed with your free newly formed living room.
  9. Changing your couch from the corner where it is standing for years already to a more central place in the room. It can make the room look and feel completely different. You can play with the spaces you create around furniture; spaces give us a certain feeling.
    You can do this on a weekday evening. Together with a friend you carry the stuff around, sit there for a while to check the feeling, try some different spots and carry some more.


    Additional tips to change your interior style:
    These tips are more if you are fully committed and want to make bigger changes.

  10. Change the whole light plan and choose different light bulbs.
  11. Where the light is shining, which colour light bulb and how many lights you have in your house also changes the whole vibe.
    From a few table lights for a romantic feeling to an office feeling with big TL lights.

  12. Change the light switches.
  13. It seems like a small change but don’t underestimate how some small things can make a total new look. The front of a light switch can be in a lot of different styles these days. You have old school brown ones with rounded edge or the more modern type; black with sharp corners.

Don’t be afraid to change your interior style, play, DIY and try new things! HAVE FUN.


    Personal interior advice

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    For a whole design don’t hesitate to contact me and we discuss the possibilities.


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