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My love for architecture and design developed itself early.
When I was a kid, I always said I want to be the best architect in the world!

Another love of mine is travelling, and if I go on a trip, I combine those!

For example, the cities below are great places to visit and also have beautiful designs!
More about those cities you can read here…


The city of Gaudi

If you love organic architecture this is a must see.

Famous from the Sagrada Familia, which they started building in 1882.



Explore Hundertwasser

Lots of colours and almost no straight lines

His philosophy: your home is your third skin


The city on water

Must see; all different bridges, from classic to modern

Every year there is a Biennale, art and architecture alternate. 

    Personal interior advice

    Do you want some personal advice? Some custom made plans for a slightly bigger change in your house? Contact me below.


    For €10,00 I can give you some quick personal advice. Tell me what you want to change or create and if possible attach a picture of the area where it has to happen.


    For a whole design don’t hesitate to contact me and we discuss the possibilities.


    Sadly sometimes I have to give you a ‘no’. This is because if the project doesn’t thrill me, we both will not be happy with the end result.
    Second: my lifestyle contains a lot of traveling, when I’m in the middle of nowhere there is a change that I can’t read my mail.
    The last point can also be the reason for a possible delay in the response.

    Here you can attach a picture or a map/layout of the designated area.
    PDF or JPG are accepted, maximum 500 kb each. If one of these are incorrect you will get a failure message.

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