My own design table

My own design table


A sketch, a model, a lot of wood and a design table.


Just a story

That moment that you get the wood, the raw untouched beams, and you already see the whole table in there. You can visualize how it will be.
But actually, you have no clue how to start.


A design about boundaries. What defines a table?

So, in my opinion, a higher flat surface on one or more legs makes a table. But also that is open for discussion because a carport is often a flat surface on some tall kind of legs but it is not a table. So however you phrase it, there will be still discussion points. Maybe if you make a long definition about a table there will be no place for discussions but I like discussions and I like the boundaries.

So I wanted to make a table that could also be not a table.


Making sketches and models and finding the boundary between when it is a table and when it is not a table.

When I had kind of an idea I started the big thing, still needed to design the details in the real model.
I ordered the wood, no clue how to start but just started. Soon I was in a good flow and the table started to look like a table or not.


About the process of making my own design table

Made the whole ‘table’ myself. Design, sawing, measuring, glueing, etc. I can’t say it’s my first piece of furniture I made, but it’s definitely the one I liked the most and that turned out the best.


Did some woodturning and got a bit of help from the CNC machine to make the ratchet wheel.
Table, no table. How the table works; With a kind of felt that is stretched over the wood you make the table top. You can make the table smaller or bigger or make it completely ‘disappear’. There will be ‘no table’ left.


The pictures will finish the story..! (Click on them for bigger pictures!)

The process
Table/ no table

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