Small advice when visiting a museum


When walking through a museum you just want to look, enjoy and feel the art.
I care but also do not care for museums. When visiting a museum I walk around, my mother sometimes calls it running, look at some things, look at other things and continue. I don’t really stop often. Don’t get me wrong I like walking around in a museum but in less than a minute I know if the art thrills me one way or the other. And often that’s the only art I want to spend my time with.
If the title of the exposition really triggers me I will read the story that is written at the beginning. If not I walk around and make my own story let my own creativity flow.
You easily see when I am really intrigued by an art piece, I will stop, I will read the sign and I will take a moment.

These pieces of advice are for people like me. Who like museums but don’t really have the patience, energy or interest of reading every single piece. Or maybe you even think that you don’t like museums; if that is the case, next time try this advice.

  • Don’t look at everything equally the same time. Keep your mood and energy for the things that you love that inspire you! Walk around look to everything a bit but save some space in your mind for that one special thing.
  • Go alone, so you can run as fast and as slow as you wish. Changing your speed all the time can be a bit annoying for other people to walk with you.
  • Make pictures of things, sometimes it makes you look different to things. (Also great advice: make a picture of the sign next to it as well, if you wish to find more information later on you can find the details of the artwork on the sign)
  • If there is a whole exposition that you are interested in, check the map if you have had all the different areas where the exposition is.

    Some basic advice

  • Use the less busy times to go to a museum, so preferably not at the weekends. No one likes it to walk in a crowded museum and stand on your toes to see the art piece.
  • If you go in a busier period, buy your ticket online to save time waiting in line.
    If there is really nothing that thrills you, you can turn it around:
    Find the piece of art that you dislike the most in the exhibition you are visiting. Try to find out what the artist itself tells about it. Ponder your dislikes, is it the colours, the style, etc.
    You can find yourself surprised how interesting your dislikes can be.


    Find your inspiration and get inspired!

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