VPN – safe surfing the internet

Your safety belt while surfing on a public internet


Mostly useful if you are travelling and don’t have the luxury of your own safe internet connection.


What is a VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It creates a private area on a (public) internet connection. Makes that you can surf the internet safely, protect your privacy online and you can pretend you are in another country.


Why is VPN useful?

The three main reasons

  • A safe environment to surf the internet. Imagine that you pay something with your credit card online, when you are using a public network everyone can watch what you do and steal your information. A VPN will make a secure connection on a public network.
    Your own wifi network and data on your phone is a already a more secure environment.
  • Online privacy; other websites can’t see what you are doing.
  • The websites don’t know where you are. This is for different reasons useful, which I’ll describe later.

    How does VPN work? VPN safety and privacy:


    Browsing on public networks

    VPN creates a safe and encrypted connection on the device you activate it on.
    So your local wifi hotspot where everyone can connect on becomes a lot safer now.
    The local wifi network is normally not really save. Everyone can connect and it’s easy to go through the wifi to someone else his device and for example read information or hack it. With a VPN that’s not possible. You are working in your own protected area on that wifi connection. You can say you have a wall around you and they can’t see you, so what you are doing is a lot safer and will be private now.

    Once you installed the VPN on your device and you inform the program in which country you are ‘in’ (or pretend to be in). It remembers this and as soon as you go online it activates in these settings. You can turn it off and change countries if you wish.


    How it benefits when the internet doesn’t know where you are:

  • China has a lot of boundaries on the internet, for example, you can’t have Facebook, Youtube or WhatsApp. With a VPN they can’t see that you are in China so you don’t have these boundaries.
  • Think about webshops where you can’t buy anything if you are in a certain country. But you want to buy something and sent it to an address you have in another country.
  • Also for booking flights, it’s good. To act as your booking from a country where the tickets are cheaper.
    Because websites can’t see what you are doing they also can’t make the flight tickets more expensive. Normally if they see that you watched to a certain flight before they will make it more expensive for you if you look again.
    This also makes that they can’t follow your behaviour and so they are not able to make ads especially for you.

    Don’t want to miss any program?

    In your VPN software, you can choose a country where you want to connect through. Which can be your current country, your home country or just a random other country.
    Because of this ‘wall’ that it creates sites are not able to see where your real location is, so they think you are in the country you said to your VPN that you are in. With this trick, you can watch your favourite show back in America which you are normally not allowed to watch from Europe. Simply by switching to a different country in your software.

    Netflix discovered this trick and is apparently not happy with it so if your Netflix is on and you try to watch it you get an error that says that you are using an unblocker and that you can’t stream your movie. Turn it off and try it again.


    Should I use a VPN?

    Yes! I can recommend a VPN for everybody who is travelling and uses public wifi.
    The reasons you can read above.


    Best VPN service

    Which one to choose? There are so many. So where to look at? These two things are nice to know;

      1) How fast is it?
      2) How much data you can download through it.

    Not all VPN’s have a fast network, so it maybe saves some money but gives you lots of headaches and annoying moments.
    Some networks have a limit in data you can use. If you are the kind of person watching your weekly programs, soon you used all your data and then you can’t use your safe environment anymore.


    I don’t recommend a free VPN

    Free VPN’s most of the time have these struggles but I also have been told that they often sell your information, your habits in surfing on the internet etc. This because it’s valuable information for different companies for example advertisements and this would be their way to earn some money. I don’t know whether this is really true or not, but this together with really wanting to be sure of having a nice working VPN helped me decide to choose for a paid service.


    VPN Express

    There are lots of good VPN’s. I choose for VPN Express because;

  • It is very easy to use,
  • Works on all devices,
  • Doesn’t slow down my connection,
  • Has unlimited data use; like your normal connection,
  • They don’t log or share your information.
  • I have been using it for a couple of months now and I am really happy with it. Also, their customer service is really good. I had a question, used the live chat and they immediately checked the information in their system and helped me.


    Get 30 days free!

    Use this link and get 30 days for free if you buy a package. For example, you buy a month to try VPN Express and you get a month for free. That is a nice start already!