8 tips how to survive when life is not so brightful


Don’t get me wrong my website is called Brightful World but not every day as brightful as I hoped for. Sometimes it is just shit or I can’t find my mood. You know it probably, those days where everything goes wrong.

Here some advice to make days like this a little bit more brightful. And yes, I also know sometimes it feels like nothing will work but please give it a try anyway if you still have a spark of hope for a better day.


Find the reason for your bad day
Life is like the weather: sometimes steady and nice, another time grey and dripping, or even storming with tornados. So, first of all, know and accept that every day comes with its own feeling.

When your day is really bad you can do some investigation and explore if you can change it a little for the better. From this rainy day or the tornado that is running through your mind to a sunny more brightful day.
Sometimes there is a practical reason behind your ‘bad day’ if so try to change this.

  • A deadline that is actually really difficult but you have to finish it.
  • The job interview you had for that one perfect job turned you down.
  • There is just too much going on and you can’t keep track.
    If it’s due to a hard task, accept that you are learning. It will get better, be patient. Don’t force yourself and keep positive.
    And about the job interview, let it go, probably there is a better one waiting for you. Too much? Take a deep breath and do it one by one, you don’t have to do it all at ones.

    Sometimes it’s just because you have been really busy before and it’s just time to relax instead of going on.
    Here it is ‘easy’, accept that your body and mind need a moment to relax. So do it. Even if your to-do list is very long, you can still take a moment to do nothing. I will assure you that after that moment you can do everything better.

    If you really want to go all the way for it; fill a bucket with warm water and lavender soap, slice some cucumbers, turn on some relaxing music. Sit down on the couch, relax, place your feed in the bucket and the cucumber on your eyes.
    A lot of times it is because things go different than you expect and/or want. Give life some space for its own design. Try going along with what’s going to happen anyway.
    I believe that everything happens for a reason, so if it goes differently there will be a good reason probably.

  • When I got stuck in a lousy job in Australia and I finally decided I had to quit… This gave me the freedom to make new plans with a just met friend.
    And sometimes there is a big tornado and you just have to sit, cry, yell and after that make yourself a nice cup of tea.

  • Like a breakup
  • You are fired
  • A famous saying is ‘Everything shall pass’ and sometimes this is the most soothing thought you can have.
    Last but not least sometimes it is just a rainy day no reason to find. Also these days these tips might help you.


    Some survival tips on those rainy days
    Here I give you some random tips. Choose the 1-3 that will work for you and make sure to remember them when needed.

    1. First of all, you have to accept that it’s not your best day and that’s fine. Accept, let go, breath in, breath out. Probably tomorrow is better!
    2. Be nice and patience to yourself and don’t force yourself to be happy.
    3. Also, don’t force yourself to finish that task if you clearly see that it goes wrong. Take a break first!
    4. Turn on some good music what makes you normally happy, if possible sing with the music, as loud as you can. Dance, move and throw the bad energy out!
      No inspiration? Try ‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter. Find the lyrics first and give your best concert.
    5. Go for a nice walk outside or cycle around. Some fresh air and sun often can do the trick of changing moods.
    6. Do something with friends! Talk, have fun, distract yourself.
    7. Is there a real problem this day or did you just woke up and got out of bed on the wrong side? Go back to bed and try the other side.
    8. I love to have nice quotes around me. Often they can make me smile, even on a lesser bright day.


    But most importantly just take it easy if it is one of those days.