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Moving and painting
Week 27 / 2020 – A new home

A new home
 Week 27/2020   Yes! I got it,…

Weekly blog forrest hike
Week 26 / 2020 – Everything at once

Everything at once Week 26/2020   Since a week or…

Celebrate life with ice cream
Week 25 / 2020 – Celebrate life!

Celebrate life! Week 25/2020   Last Friday, after a long…

Bird on bike
Week 24 / 2020 – Birds and the bees

Birds and the bees Week 24/2020   “Let me tell…

Screen Shot calender june planning
Week 23 / 2020 – Planning, wanting and doing

Planning, wanting and doing Week 23/2020   Do you know…

strawberries delicious red fruit from our own garden
Week 22 / 2020 – The first strawberry

The first strawberry Week 22/2020   My mother and I…

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