Week 36/2020


What if your weeks are so dull that you don’t know what to write about? Or the few important things that happened are not so nice for a story. Well, that’s how my week has been.

So this week, I cycled to work, like an hour there and an hour back. And Thursday, I got drenched. But that look made it complete how I felt on the inside. That day I got a call about my grandma that she got hospitalized, and nobody was sure how long she has left. So my inside was overflowing (with emotions) and now the outside as well.

The actual high point this week was the arrival of my new housemates, Vera and Howard! Maybe they will keep me from going insane by loneliness, or I just get more insane because of them, because they are plants. So if I start talking to them to feel less lonely at home, it is maybe one step too far.
But well, who doesn’t need a good listening ear, or plant, occasionally… Well, Howard and I already had a few good conversations, and he always stands by my side (that’s because he is standing next to my favourite place on the couch), and I already love him!


I hear Howard calling my name so have to go now… See you next week!