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strawberries delicious red fruit from our own garden
Week 22 / 2020 – The first strawberry

The first strawberry Week 22/2020   My mother and I…

Dhiffushi maldives hammock beach sea paradise weekly blog relaxing
Week 21 / 2020 – Compulsory relaxing

Compulsory relaxing Week 21/2020   This week I started at…

weekly blog enjoy the little things sun poppies trees
Week 20 / 2020 – The little things

The little things Week 20/2020   I live with my…

Weekly blog, zoo lockdown no freedom
Week 19 / 2020 – Liberation Day

Liberation Day Week 19/2020   The 5th of May is…

train sign
Week 18 / 2020 – Holiday for a few hours

Holiday for a few hours Week 18/2020   To continue…

job interview
Week 17 / 2020 – The interview game

The interview game Week 17/2020   Often people ask me…

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