Time flies

Week 30/2020


The year goes so fast, and at the same time, a lot is happening. I have to remind myself often that it is the end of July already (the weather sadly doesn’t show it much).

To continue the story of my new home, I moved here last Sunday. Yeah!

During the week, after work, I cleaned and stored all my stuff in its new place. Because I didn’t have much anymore, I had to buy a lot of new things. To spread the costs a bit, and to also have some free time, not everything is finished yet. But it is livable, and I love the place.

My head continues looking around and thinking about what still has to be done, one of the reasons is I am way too excited to finish it so already imagining how it would be. But first, have to relax a bit and enjoy my place, everything will be completed one day.

So that’s it for this week, now finally, after a few weeks of only working and doing stuff at the house, I will do nothing anymore today, only ejoying my new place!

*Compare the head picture with the picture from week 27, do you see the difference?