A new home

Week 27/2020


Yes! I got it, the apartment! Everything goes very fast now. Friday I got the keys, and this weekend we started painting already. Hopefully, we are finished with the painting and the floor in three weekends. During the week, I do not have that much time, I work fulltime and have a small remote job at the side, and also try to keep you updated a bit. 

But I am delighted and really excited to finally unpack my boxes. After graduation, I decided to travel for a bit, gave up my rent and decided to place my stuff in storage. But that bit became a bit longer, I came back sold all my furniture and left again. So now I have a few boxes with stuff left but actually no clue what’s in it anymore. So I’m very curious what comes out of the boxes.

Besides that, I am looking forward to finally have my own space again and my own fridge. It is weird how you start longing for such things, as your own fridge. When I was travelling I mostly missed having my own bed and hated the fact that I have to find my toothbrush every evening. But now I just miss having my own fridge. So excited that all those things will be ‘normal’ again, soon. 

I will keep you posted how everything goes and when I will move there.