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Week 13 / 2020 – Staying at home

Staying at home Week 13/2020   Back in the Netherlands…

Healthy, delicious and easy dinner
5x healthy, delicious and easy dinner
Healthy, delicious and easy - 5x Dinner   Also craving...
Shoes bali
Week 12 / 2020 – Back to the Netherlands

Back to the Netherlands Week 12/2020   Then there was…

Bali rice field
Week 11 / 2020 – What is the plan?

What is the plan? Week 11/2020   I feel like…

Climbing tree
Week 10 / 2020 – Finding my rhythm

Finding my rhythm Week 10/2020   New week new chances….

Lifestyle in Bali
Week 9 / 2020 – Change of lifestyle

Change of lifestyle Week 9/2020   Change of environment and…

Corona warning
Week 8 / 2020 – Thailand and the corona virus

Thailand and the corona virus Week 8 / 2020  …

De langste vegetarische tafel
Longest Vegetarian Table
Longest Vegetarian Table   Good food, meeting new people and...
Living with the seasons
Living with the seasons
  Living with the seasons   Do you know that...
Travelling - home is where the heart is
Home is where the heart is…

Home is where the heart is…   When travelling, you…

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