Hay fever

Week 33/2020


Quite a few people have it, hay fever, and it is annoying. To be honest, I have it for years now but still no clue how it works. Some days I have no allergies at all even if I don’t take any medicine, some days I forget to take my medicine and 30 minutes later the whole day is ruined, and I am sneezing like crazy.

You can be allergic to all different kind of plants, like trees, grasses or herbs.
Trees spread their pollen more at the beginning of the year and grasses is more in the high summer season.
A few years ago, I did some tests, and they gave me the result if I remember correctly it was; normal allergic to tree pollen and very allergic to grass pollen. But I don’t know if it’s true’ because it depends for me really on the place and the moment and on … I don’t know what, how my body wants to annoy me that day.

Last few weeks I didn’t have allergic reactions (I did take my medicine, I have two types; I was on the lighter version last weeks). But last week a couple of days I forgot my medicine, and as a result, I sneezed a few times that day but nothing major. But Saturday, yesterday, I forgot my medicine as well, and I don’t know what happened, they hit the switch, and within an hour after waking up, my nose was running like crazy, tearing eyes and sneezing every second. And that takes a lot of energy. Directly took my medicine, but when that happens, you are already too late actually.

So it always surprises me when and where I have a reaction. Sometimes I am in a place where I know I have to take my medicine, otherwise it’s going to be bad. Sometimes nothing is wrong, and I go for weeks without medicine and suddenly out of the blue, I have heavy reactions. I guess my body also doesn’t really know how to handle it…

So I love this nice weather, but it also has a down point for me, the hay fever. But I heard most people will slowly ‘cure’ after 40, so only a few more years. Until then, I let my body surprise me with a few annoying hay fever moments.