Week 38/2020


Just a story about how things sometimes get completely out of control.


I thought it would be nice to have some actually printed memories from all the trips I did so far. Like maybe the best ten pictures.
Soon I thought maybe 20 is okay like ten is not that many and also in all the trips I have more than ten good ones.

I saw one shop having a sale in printing squared pictures, loved the idea. But the deal was with 100 pictures. So I thought well then we do 100, it is a lot more but it’s fine. I probably can find a place to hang them or do something nice with them.

So I started looking through all my pictures, to be honest, I didn’t look through all the pictures, it is just too much! Some places I already knew which pictures I wanted, some places I looked through some pictures and when I had two good ones I went to the next file.

All the pictures, the chosen ones, the ones I wanted to print, were together in a folder on my desktop. After I looked through my favourite places, I first checked the folder…

329 pictures already. Where did this happen? I thought 100 was a lot already, but 300?!

I think I got in this vibe where I couldn’t stop. I loved all the memories and missed the moments a bit. Well, I was able to get rid of 29. I found it so hard to choose which picture was better, but also which memory was better. So I decided it was okay.

Two days later I got the pictures. Man, it was a lot more than I expected, well 300 is quite a bit.

So I placed 40 of my favourites at the place I wanted them in the first place. The other 260 are now waiting in my storage room, till I find a place for them. Now am I wondering, why was I able to place 40 the best ones and store the others, but why wasn’t I able to only print 100?


Sometimes I am quite surprised by how everything goes in life…!