Week 34/2020


Have you ever thought about how many days you are already walking on this earth? Or more like living here, guess that the first couple of years you weren’t walking…

Well, yesterday I was 10.000 days old, it sounds so crazy and actually feels kind of young. Like 10.000 sounds a lot but the fact that I am already 27 sounds like way more days, but apparently, that isn’t.

So I celebrated this amazing moment with my brother and sister in law and their kids. Well, they came to visit and see my new apartment. (I didn’t throw a housewarming party, yet).

But looking back on what I have accomplished that first 10.000 days of my life it is pretty amazing, first of all, learning all the basics; talking, walking… Then all those different schools that I survived, primary school, high school and studying. All the travels I made and all the life experience. Those 10.000 days made me the person I am now! So I am quite happy about all the steps I made in those days and hopefully the next 10.000 will be equally amazing or even better!

One thing that I have learned throughout life is that you have to enjoy it. In Dutch we have a saying (translated:) ‘Life’s a party, but you have to do the decorating yourself’. Which means that life is beautiful but that you make something of it yourself, you have to make an effort creating that party! So blowing some bubbles now and then is a great idea!