My abseiling adventure

Abseiling experience


There are people who need the feeling of a lot of adrenaline. I mean those people that like skydiving, rafting, abseiling etc. And there are people who think a maze or a normal slide is enough adrenaline. Nothing wrong with the latter but I belong more to the first group of people.


An idea, a date and an adventure!
For me, this kind of things starts as a really exciting idea! Can’t let go of it anymore, have to do it.
I pick a date and decide to do it. Then, when the day is there, I’m terrified. No, that’s not true but I can feel a bit nervous sometimes. Like with this adventure, the abseiling, I was a bit nervous.
Abseiling from the Euromast in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 100 meters high.
We, me and a friend, were standing on the bottom of the Euromast looking up to the people that were coming down. Excitement but also some nerves were crawling through my body. Standing there, watching this huge descent, feeling little tens, we started talking about how it would be. The fun fact is we said to each other probably there will be a moment shortly after the start where for a small moment you have a drop, a tiny free fall, and we would scream then. We were talking about how it would be, the experience, maybe as a way to comfort our mind but also because we were so excited.

We went all the way up to the panorama deck. From there we were going down, I didn’t know anymore which tickles where nerves and which where excitement, but I couldn’t stop smiling. We got or safety harness on, got some instructions on how to handle the rope and were ready to go.
The idea of climbing over a railing that is there for safety felt weird.
The first part we had to ‘walk’ down on the outside wall of the building, when somewhere the building ‘stopped’ and we were just hanging there high in the sky on a single piece of rope. With the special technique to feed the rope, we hoisted ourselves down. Fun fact in real life; the moment that I dropped down a bit as we predicted, was there as well but predicted or not it still gave some more nerves or adrenaline.

It was fun, it was amazing, the view was nice but also going down by one piece of rope was a great experience. Also fun to see how your body is somehow fighting against your plans, by giving some nerves and explaining to you that this is not normal, that you don’t climb over a railing. But in the end I and my mind are winning, I decided to do this because it’s fun so I went and it was fun, more than fun it was amazing. My body and some parts of my mind still need to learn to trust me.
I already proof them a few times that my adrenaline need is okay and that we survive that, maybe later I will write about a few more examples like my skydive experiences and when I was swinging on the biggest swing in the world.


So just admit it if you need some adrenaline it’s fine, tell your body to trust you and go have fun!

Abseilen Euromast Rotterdam
Abseilen Euromast Rotterdam
Abseilen Euromast Rotterdam