How wondering and distraction are close friends


I sometimes have the concentration of a goldfish. Do they actually have a low ability to concentrate? Otherwise, this comparing is not correct. Quite interesting to think of a goldfish which is mostly swimming around and in fact doesn’t really need to concentrate but maybe it’s concentrating the whole day anyway. If I think of Dori, in the movie Finding Nemo, she has no concentration at all but Nemo looks like he can quite good concentrate. Also, they are not a goldfish but another type of fish so maybe that works differently. Great movie by the way, little sad.
Back to my concentration. See I’m not good at this. I write something and soon there are like 500 thoughts in my head and then I’m gone. Wondering about something else.


While I’m laying here in bed I see a tiny gecko walking around and looking to me. Alone on an adventure. I love geckos they’re so cute and this one is so tiny and suddenly I think ‘where is your mother?’
And now if I look to this tiny gecko, that’s the length of half of my pinkie, I only see a lonely fellow without its mother.
Maybe it’s just a thought. Maybe he’s not lonely, maybe he doesn’t miss his mother. Maybe he is on a world trip just like me. And maybe I think too much…


I can also have a sudden feeling of ‘gosh I’m actually so blissful and happy’, like now, laying in bed in Fiji writing a blog. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are lucky. Because it’s so important. Also thinking of what you all have in life than you see how grateful you can be. I possess the great quality that even if I’m doing nothing special, just cycling home in the sun with nice music on, life gives me out of nowhere suddenly the thought ‘gosh I’m actually so blissful and happy!’


Maybe I can better stop this blog you understand what I mean with the title. Wondering about almost anything makes me distracted so fast. So enjoying the little things, letting my thoughts go and then I’m lost. Lost in another world with goldfishes and geckos and I still failed to tell you where the gecko ended up…

By the way, what also can distract me and I can talk about for hours is the moon… Do you need some distraction or you just want to read how much I love the moon? Continue reading here.


Sorry, the picture is not completely sharp but there was only a little bit artificial light and this gecko was only like 2 or 3 cm long. Yes, it’s the one, the one on an adventure!