Life of a blogger


Eight o’clock in the evening, freshly showered after a day full of new inspiration, sitting in my hostel bed rocking on my music that booms through my earbuds, while typing a new blog for you.

This life where I am actually all day working to find new inspiration for a new blog. This life where I am actually never working. Just living my life and write some of it down. I love the life of a blogger, I love my life.


About today;
Wandering around in Porto, Portugal, a beautiful city but for some reason, I did not feel it today. Low in my energy, it was nice to see but could not get really excited. Then I suddenly walked along with a place called ‘Tasty District’. I looked around inside, it had all kind of small take-out restaurants, my legs stopped when I walked along with a crêpe place. Looked at the menu, they had sweet and savoury ones. I was looking for a cheap, easy but delicious lunch. I asked if they had one with only cheese, the man behind the counter said ‘I can make that for you of course, but you are sure you want nothing else on it? Like tomato, spinach, asparagus?’ Well no asparagus for me, but the spinach and tomato sounded good. It was not on the menu this combination. I liked how thoughtful this man was. I took a seat outside in the sun and waited for my lunch.
The best crêpe every!
It looked amazing! It tasted delicious. I don’t know what happened but I recharged instantly there. Happily surprised with this nice lunch that spontaneously crossed my path. When I left and continued my day I felt great and loved the day!
Now I could see all the beauty in the city. Sometimes you don’t know where the switch is for a better day but it just suddenly switches.
Ups and Downs
This day had some weird up and downs. From a down, I went all the way up. Still happy walking around I ended up in a small square surrounded with beautiful buildings. There were a small chapel and a building with very special shaped windows where I just had to take a picture of. Hardly any cars around since you could not easily access it. No big streets there but I looked around anyway to make sure if everything was okay. Only a few parked cars. I walked on the small square and took a picture. Well, a second after I took the picture, I was roughly knocked to the side, the big down part from this day showed itself without any warning. A car that was parked a bit further suddenly starting driving backwards really fast and hit me. Seriously he hit me really hard, I was pushed back at least a meter. Then the car stopped, the man looked at me and drove away. He didn’t even come out of the car to check if I was all right. Shocked, mad and in pain was I standing there alone. My whole left side of my body and my back hurts, completely brushed. Well, I still feel lucky, overall I’m more or less fine. Mostly a big shock.


So this is another random day out of my life as a blogger.