An ode to the moon

I feel the need, an urge, to tell you about the moon. No poem but it’s a praise.
The moon is one of those things that always makes me smile. Speaking about ‘enjoying the little things‘.

Don’t know what I have with the moon but it always feels so special. Just a heavy ball hanging there, all by itself.
Then it is lightened by the sun. And the moon reflects all this light to whoever it will see.
(Generously giving without expecting anything back).
I don’t know, it just always makes me wonder. Makes me think. Makes me mesmerised.
I love the moon. Words can’t describe the feeling.

A magnificent world

Actually, the earth is just hanging there as well, feels weird and special too, but I don’t see the earth hanging so I think less about it.
The strange thing is this: We are surrounded by a magnificent world, but somehow often we just don’t see it,
we don’t think about it, we don’t get amazed. That’s also a little sad we should be more amazed by those ‘normal’ things.
Well not for me and the moon!

By the way, the full moon is great and I love that perfect round light giving ball, that’s clear now,
but all the other types of moons are also great. Every time when it’s a clear night and I’m outside and see the moon I get happy inside.
It makes the world feel endless and feels like never-ending freedom.

‘I’m such a look at the moon person’ – Is a phrase I read many times before and it has different explanations.
Well for me it’s also literally!
Another explanation of that phrase I read is:“It means they are the kind of person that likes to stop and stare at the beautiful things around.
Taking time to relax and enjoy the simple things. It is where the saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ comes from.”

But that is worth another blog.

    Just being there.
    Giving us all you get.
    An inspiring generous act.
    Letting us watch you
    Never thought about your feelings.
    I just watch shamelessly often.
    Are you insecure why everyone is looking?
    Or can you just be?
    I love you.