Struggles with a tompouce and how it should be eaten…


First a little explanation for the one who doesn’t know what a tompouce is. It’s a kind of pastry well-known in the Netherlands. It has several layers, and that is also the problem. The bottom layer is a puff pastry, the second layer is a yellow bakery cream. The third layer is puff pastry again and the top layer is a (mostly bright pink) icing. Occasionally there is whipping cream on top.

So in the Netherlands, you can buy it at most bakery’s. Somehow it’s a very plain treatment. But at the same time, I have to admit that it has a very unique taste, unlike any other pastry. And somehow it always gives me a nostalgic feeling.
There is only one big problem; how to eat it.
Eating it like a cake;
As soon as you try to put your dessert fork in the tompouce it will squash together and pushes all the cream out. Very hard to keep all the stuff on your plate and to get it in safe little chunks in your mouth.
Not a good idea.
Eating it by hands;
Just lift it up and put it in your mouth and take a bite as you do with a big mac. Same problem as with the fork only more dramatic. The cream comes out on all sides finds it way not only all over your face and hands, but it also falls on your brand new shirt. Although you have more control over the whole thing, it’s a quite embarrassing journey. Definitely not a good idea.
Cutting it in pieces;
Place the tompouce on his side and cut it. By placing it on his side you don’t squash the layers on each other. But need to hold it otherwise it falls over and it’s still ruined. While holding it don’t stick your fingers in the icing otherwise it’s a mess as well and you will be sticky de rest of the day.
Kind of working if you know how to handle it and have enough exercise doing so.
Eating it in several sessions:
Cut the whole thing, through the cream part, horizontally in half. Place the top part upside down on your plate, since this is the best part you have to save this for last. Eat first the bottom part, bit of cream and layer of puff pastry.
Then eat the top part with the icing.
This is a pretty good option, I believe.
If you really want to enjoy the tompouce completely I recommend the following:
Don’t ever choose a tompouce at a party of when you are with friends you want to keep, but then go for a nice eatable apple pie or something similar. The tompouce is a delicacy for a special date with yourself.
Make sure nobody is at home, buy yourself this nice looking pink pastry, lock the doors, and eat it with both hands. Break it, eat the yellow cream with your fingers, let it go all over the place, don’t mind all the flavours walking up to your skin. Just enjoy this divine pastry with all of your senses. Afterwards, just take a shower, change your clothes and the rest of the day people will wonder what your mysterious smile is all about.