Finding my rhythm

Week 10/2020


New week new chances. Still, in the same spot as last week, I do a workaway here. Which makes it very cheap to live and also a great place to get to know locals.
This week is about finding my rhythm. It is not that simple, but the word is also not that simple written so maybe that should tell me enough.
I don’t know why it feels so difficult, well some parts then. Getting into bed every evening is a rhythm that goes automatically.. It is quite warm and humid here what makes me lazy. So throwing out all energy in the daytime there is not much left in the evening. Just enough for relaxing and playing some board games with other people that is all what we do here in the evening, perfect.
The part that troubles me is ‘blogging’. It is not that I find it difficult or that I don’t have the time. No, somehow, I block myself in a certain way that makes it hard to just write. And then next time I don’t feel like writing because I know how hard it is.. and then the rhythm is lost. So I am working on a nice rhythm with some exercise, working for the workaway, working and blogging for myself and some free time. Theoretically, it is quite simple, the reality is that I really have to get used to some parts of it.
But that’s how it works in life and in the meantime I’m watching a guy who just climbed to the top of a palm tree to collect some coconuts.