What is the plan?

Week 11/2020


I feel like I can not, not write about the coronavirus. A few weeks ago I wrote about the virus already, but so many can change in only a few days… The thing is I am not scared to get it; I assume I will survive and recover. But I worry about all the vulnerable people. My problem is that I, was on the other side of the world already when this all started; then I decided to stay at that moment that was the best choice.
Now, watching the figures it feels like it is better to stay here in Indonesia, then Europe. But the problem is my visa. I was planning to fly out of the country to come back a week later. In those days I could see another city, get another visa, etc. But now first: I don’t want to fly around and maybe catch the virus somewhere and spread it and second: what if I get out of Bali and then they shut down all the airports? I will rather be in lockdown in Bali than in Malaysia. Here I have friends and a place to live. So now I have to think about what to do with my visa, with my stay here, etc. I kind of don’t want to make any plans and see how it goes and just stay calm here but yeah the visa doesn’t allow. The question is, what is my plan? Well, next week my visa ends so we will see which step I took.
It is a good lesson in being patient and see what will happen. And to be honest watching over the rice fields is not a bad place to do that.