Back to the Netherlands

Week 12/2020


Then there was this moment that changed everything.
It was quite nice in Bali, but more precautions are made in the world and also in Indonesia. My visa is expiring and I was planning on doing a visa run to Malaysia, staying at the airport and not travel around so much. But then I heard Malaysia is closed for now, so no visa run to Kuala Lumpur.
Checking what the other options are, almost none. Most countries are closed by this time, so not available for a visa run. An option with some risk is going to a country where you have to be in quarantine for two weeks and come back after that. But everything changes with the minute. Before I decided on that option we heard the news that also Indonesia was closing. So when you are out, it is not possible to go back in.
The embassy doesn’t give away emergency visas because they just say; you are allowed to leave the country, so no problem there. No other option left then going back to the Netherlands.
Also, this was a challenge, most flights were cancelled, not all countries are open for transit flights, flights were getting extremely expensive and some flights had like 3 transfers and where a total of 50 hours before you were back in the Netherlands. I manage to book a kind of affordable ticket for a couple of days later, and now I am hoping this flight is not going to be cancelled as well.
I hoped I could stay here, first I love Bali, the tropical climate, the people, the surrounding and much more. Second (at the moment at least) there are not as many cases here as in Europe.
But maybe being back in the Netherlands will be a good thing.
For now, it feels sad but as a good choice, first of all, I don’t want to travel around and be a chance of spreading the virus, second I am dutch so when the whole world goes in lockdown or when I do have to go to the hospital, probably it is better to be in the Netherlands.
The good thing is; Since I have all the time for myself I will not have any excuses then working hard on Brightful World now.