Week 14 / 2020 – Babies!


Week 14/2020

Chia seed
Chia seed sprouts
Chia seed sprouts

In a lockdown, staying at home and not much going around, you have to do something. I expect that there will be a lot of new humans in about nine months. But my babies were a lot faster, took only ten days, or even a bit shorter.


I grew chia seed, sproutings of chia.

You can easily get a little addicted to the sprouting of seeds. Or maybe… I got a little addicted. There are several ways to sprout them. I did it in a small jar with some cotton wool.

Drench the cotton wool in water and squeeze all the extra water out, put it on the bottom of the jar, en sprinkle the seeds on top. Place it inside in daylight but not in full sunlight. Here the most fun part: check every day how your babies grow. You see them changing day by day.
That’s what made it so addicted and fun for me.


So who knows, when I will have my whole house full of sprouts of different plants. But it is delicious and very healthy to eat. You have to do something when sitting at home and when the supermarkets have no food anymore, I still have my sprouts.

Chia seed sprouts
Chia seed sprouts