Losing my rhythm

Week 15/2020


I used this mandatory sitting at home time to get a good rhythm, eating healthy, sporting often and more working on Brightful World. So I am really happy with this al and making the best time of this period.

Speaking of a period, my female period started this week and with that, some mood swings started. So that was it for the good rhythm; completely gone. Graving more food, sporting less, etc. Good point is that this only takes a week, so hopefully next week back to normal.

But this weekly blog is about my life and what is happening in it and this is the truth. Not the best week but taking care of myself and the most important thing is, being nice to myself and giving me a break.

Still very happy with my period cup, since I have that thing it feels like I’m enduring less pain and it certainly gives me a better time during this period, so that is one ‘good’ thing about my period.


And the good thing I can tell you is that I did some (less than I hoped for), work for Brightful World. For example, I set up the Pinterest page for it, where I share all beautiful pictures of my life, my travels and design around me. And I will add more often so that there will be new things to look forward to every time. So if you are sitting at home, sad that you can’t travel maybe this will give you some smiles now and some inspiration for your next trip.