The interview game

Week 17/2020


Often people ask me ‘How do you finance all your trips?’ First of all, I try to make my trips budget proof, by using Couchsurfing and Workaway but I also just watch what I spend, and I like to stay in cheaper places etc. 

Of course, I do need money, my hope is that one-day Brightful World will provide me with my life needs. 


For now, I work every summer when I am back in the Netherlands. So also this time, I started looking for jobs, and a friend told me about a temporary job that fits perfectly with me. 

So I wrote a letter immediately. Wrote about me, my interests, my skills etc. They usually invite you for an interview if they like the letter, but this time, with the corona situation they called me and before I knew it, I had my interview on the phone. 

It was a really nice conversation, not only we talked about the job, but also about my travels. I always tell them how I love travelling, it makes me smile instantly and somehow everyone is interested in this. 

They liked the conversation, they liked me, and they asked me if I was up for another interview, this time it would be a video call with someone else. This was last Thursday, I actually thought this was the last thing before they would decide and tell me if I am hired or not. 

But at the end of the call, he said: ‘You seem perfectly suitable, so I like to introduce you to two other people in the company, and you will have an interview with them next week. Is that okay for you?’ This was the time that it started feeling like I was playing ‘a game’ and now I reached the final level, level four! 
(I don’t mean that I see this process only as a fun play, but with all the steps you have to go through it made me as proud as reaching the next level in a game)
First level: the letter, check, made that good. Second: the phone call, won! Third level: the video call, finished that one. Now up to level four, the real-life interview! 

If I make it, I will end up in a new game, called the job!