Liberation Day

Week 19/2020


The 5th of May is the day where we celebrate our liberation in the Netherlands. It marks the end of the German occupation in the second world war, the day we got liberated.

It is a beautiful thing that we celebrate, in combination with the Remembrance of the Dead the day before, the 4th of May. To remember how many people we lost in the war, how good it is to be free and hopefully to remember that we want to be free. Being free is a better world, the way it should be, better than war.

Sometimes if I look around to other countries it feels like we didn’t learn it yet, they still fight, we still lose a lot of people over war.


So last week was Liberation Day, normally we celebrate that with a lot of festivals, parties and we are surrounded by happy people. Due to the corona-regulations, this time we ‘celebrated’ it in our own house or in a park with one or two friends but with a far distance from each other. I can tell you it didn’t give me the feeling of liberation. The whole social distancing and lockdown give me more the feeling of hijacking on my freedom. What I said before, this day should remind us of being free and willing to be free. But now we’re all at home not free at all. Maybe for the good of not spreading a virus, maybe we take it this too serious, and they just took our freedom. I don’t have the answer; I can only tell you how it feels.

Liberation Day in lockdown gives us time to think about the situation and about what is really going on…