The little things

Week 20/2020


I live with my parents at the moment until I find a place for myself again. And we both know what is essential in life, ’the little the things’.

This morning I stayed in bed for a while reading a book. My dad is away for work this week. So only my mum and me, but my mum left the house, and if we do we always let each other know where we are. So she wrote me a little note. The note had only two lines, and except for telling me where she went, she told me first the important thing: ’a bird makes a nest in the hedge’.

It is fun if you value the same things, the big things but also the little things. The other day I cycled around with my mother, and we drove past a hill, and it was fully grown with poppies, so I stopped and made some pictures because it was too beautiful not to share. And she agreed.

We also enjoy the birds bathing in the small bowl outside in the garden together.
It is those little things that make life brightful, the little things to enjoy being together and the sharing.



Sorry due to privacy of the bird no pictures of the nest.

And the poppies are with much more together and looked so much more happy in real life, sadly the picture isn’t capturing the real feeling.