Compulsory relaxing

Week 21/2020


This week I started at my new job. A good and fun start but also a lot of information. Quite tired at the end of the day, because of the amount of new information and getting used to the new job.

With the public holiday, Ascension Day, I luckily had a long weekend, here most companies are closed on Friday as well. So enough time to relax but I still had planned a lot to do this weekend. The first morning I didn’t do much – I felt like doing nothing and was quite tired. The new job hit me harder than I thought.

I told myself: After lunch, we are going to work, not for the new job but for Brightful World; despite the full-time job, that should of course continue.

Well, after lunch, I walked to the attic to hang out the laundry, and when I finished and walked down the stairs, I slipped when I was only halfway.
It didn’t end too bad but had a few bruises and cuts and my muscles, especially my shoulder and neck, were sore from the impact.

That was the moment that I thought: Maybe it is good to do nothing, or as least as possible, this weekend. Just relax and get new energy for next week of work.

*Daydreaming of relaxing in a hammock in a tropical island, this picture is from The Maldives.