The first strawberry

Week 22/2020


My mother and I bought some organic strawberry plants a few weeks ago. Planted them and we gave them water, love and support. When we purchased them, they had already some flowers, but I wasn’t expecting strawberries so soon.

So when I saw one already bright red hanging last week I was so surprised, and somehow enthusiastic like a small kid on her birthday. We decided to wait for a bit longer, and a couple of days later we picked the strawberry and shared it. (We bought them together, and all the other ones need at least one more week). But the taste o it didn’t disappoint me at all. So sweet, it was delicious! Like never tasted before. Maybe it was the love, and the time we gave it to grow that made it so tasty.


To be honest, I had no clue what to write about. Was very busy working, so except for work, not much happened last week. Then I thought this, the weekly blog, is about that one thing that stands out in the previous week, and yes that was the strawberry. So unexpected, so delicious such a simple thing to make me happy.


*I was so excited about the first strawberry that I didn’t take a picture, so the really delicious red one is not on the picture above.