Planning, wanting and doing

Week 23/2020


Do you know the process of planning your things for the next week because you know you are busy but you want a few things done, so you don’t want to forget them?

I usually do this on Sundays, for the things I want to do for Brightful World. Often this works pretty well, and I have done everything I wanted and more at the end of the week.

But now since I am working full time I look at the planning for the current week for the first time on Saturday afternoon, so almost the last day of the planning, and come to the conclusion I didn’t do a thing.

After a day of work, I do some relaxing, some exercising and some basic things for Brightful world but I forget to check my planning or what so ever. So on Sundays, I write a new planning with the same stuff, haha.

Apparently, the wanting and doing is not on a par at the moment. I’m still puzzling with the fact that I have to work because I need money for my expenses (insurance, phone, groceries etc.) but I actually want to spend the most time on Brightful World and my dreams (for example travelling).

I am just telling myself, and hoping/thinking/knowing, that this is an in-between stage. More and more, I can work remotely and get the freedom to travel around and have time to work on the things that I put in my planning.