Birds and the bees

Week 24/2020


“Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees
And the flowers and the trees…”
well mostly about the birds, but it made me think of this song from Dean Martin, which has a wonderfully cheerful melody and is great to sing along. Watch out because there is a change that the lyrics are in your head a couple of hours. By the way, I love old music like this.


But about the birds… The whole week contained a lot of bird stories. It started with the birth of the birds in the nest in the hedge in our garden. Since the moment they were born, you saw the mom and dad going around to find food to feed them. When they came back to the nest with food, you could hear the little birds twitter. It was so cute; it instantly made me smile.

There is so much to tell about the birds in our (small) garden, they are fun to watch. Like when they are bathing or when they steal some berries and fly around with those big bright red berries in their beak. Or how they suddenly dive into the hedge from the top.

They are cute and funny animals.

Today one was sitting on my bike in our shed next to the garden. I completely understand it, it is a lovely bike, and I like to sit on it as well. I don’t mind to share it.
It looked like a young one, and we left it alone there, the shed is always open so it could escape if he wanted to. But later we saw a grownup one flying into the shed with food. Maybe there was another nest somewhere in the shed, and now since they are a bit bigger, they are sitting in different places instead of in the nest.


I sometimes just have to tell you those happy stories because it makes me happy, so hopefully, it makes you happy as well.