Celebrate life!

Week 25/2020


Last Friday, after a long week of working, I met a good friend of mine, and we always understand each other. So this time we had the same idea of celebrating life with ice cream (a little bit too big one).

That is what life makes so good, the friends and families, the laughs, the celebrations, the freedom and the sun, haha. (I love the sun)

The best way to celebrate life is to wear that smile on your face if you are happy you spread the happiness.

Let’s all celebrate life and what is a better season for that than summer…


By the way, this ice cream was almost perfect, if not perfect; I have a few favourite flavours. Some fruit flavour, like forest fruits and mango, I love. But I am a massive fan of mint ice cream, chocolate and yoghurt. And this ice cream had all three of those flavours, and they tasted so good. This, combined with the company of a lovely friend, made the moment perfect.