Everything at once

Week 26/2020


Since a week or two, I have a small remote side job, which takes around 5/6 hours a week. Last week I saw a nice apartment for rent, so I checked it out and decided to take it. It is available in two weeks. So now it feels like everything at once, the fulltime job which is getting busier, the remote job and moving and fixing up the new place.

They are all nice things, and I am happy with it, but I kind of feel stuck in the middle because there isn’t much time left for other things and it feels a bit like I have no time to fix the apartment.
Maybe also because I am so excited to live there, that I want it to be ready immediately, instead of fixing it, which will be spread over a couple of weeks, what will be happening because of the lack of time.
Also really looking forward to buying some new things for the apartment, it always makes me happy, like big presents for me.

But I do have to keep in mind to take some time off and relax, do nothing and not making myself crazy by wanting everything at once.

So next week I will hear if I really get the apartment and then the party can get started!
To relax, I often take a walk in the forest.