Thailand and the corona virus

Week 8 / 2020


Travelling through Thailand is so much fun, it is a beautiful country! And if you ask me about the corona here in Thailand… to be honest, I am mostly getting some benefits from it…
Don’t get me wrong I think it is terrible what is going on and all the people that are getting sick and people who die.
But speaking about my life, at this moment, it is quite convenient; fewer tourists everywhere! Places that are normally crowded are fine now which makes it nicer to walk around in those places. The other thing I noticed about the virus is some checkpoints to check for the fever. At the entrance of tourist places and even one time when we drove with the bus into a town, a few kilometres before town they, a team of medical people and security, stopped us and checked everybody in the bus.
And of course the panic. I noticed the warning signs everywhere, more people with face masks all out of precaution. And tourists that I overhear talking panicky that they will leave the country or are not going to a certain city anymore, because they found a single person with corona there as well. I do think that this panic is a little bit too extreme. There are so many people in this world. If one person in a town or city has this virus… well, I still think that this doesn’t give it a real bigger change to get it yourself.
At the same time, it seems to be spreading everywhere anyway. So, perhaps it is better to make sure that you eat and live healthy so your immune system is ready when it needs to fight. And then just live!
Live out of the joy you always had not out of fear.