Change of lifestyle

Week 9/2020


Change of environment and way of living. From backpacking in Thailand to living at one place in Indonesia. For me, this is the perfect combination while travelling. Sometimes going around to see the most beautiful places in a country and sometimes staying at one spot, unwind, sink in and get to know the area better; in de meantime do some work.
It is an entirely different mentality. From the rhythm of going around, packing my back every day again and seeing new places, to staying in one place, unpacking my back and learning the culture and the locals in that area better. 

To be honest, travelling around is nice but I think staying in one place for a while is a lot better if you want to get to know the country and the culture. You maybe don’t see as much, or not in the same timeframe at least, as if you’re backpacking around. But you have more time to connect with locals and soak into the culture. And for me, it also means I have more time working for Brightful World and figuring out what I want in life. But don’t argue with me if in a few months I claim the opposite, I like both, but they give something else. One shows you an overall view of the beauty of the country, and the other one teaches you more in-depth about country and culture. With the last one, you also learn the unique local spots, which you often don’t see when you are backpacking around.
So enjoy the way you like to travel, for me the combination is perfect.