Personal mission


Well, in different blogs I wrote a little about me already. I’m Rianne from the Netherlands, born in 1993 and searching for my ultimate life. Here I will write about my mission, vision and how I dream that my ultimate life looks like.
Creating my life
Earlier I wrote a blog about ‘my story’, where I wrote about never completely fitting in this society. Doing what I want to do and walking my own path. Now I shall tell you a little bit more about what I do want in life. What is it that I am looking for and how can I make it work.
Troubles with connecting in this society
Short version; I want to do what fits to who I am and I want to have the freedom to do this.
I studied interior architecture because I love this. Then I decided to make a big trip. I always liked travelling but during my trip to Australia, it changed to a real passion.
The problem for me is that it feels like I am kind of stuck in this society where they expect that you go to school, follow a study, get a job, have kids and live this ‘normal’ life. Well, I don’t want normal. I just want to be me.
I am not happy how we created this society. A society where it is too easy to forget who we really are. Do you know who you really are? Do you know what you love to do? Do you do what you love the most in this life?

So my search first of all is to find ME. Second to find a way that both society and I can be happy together.
My mission in life
My mission in life, that thing that gives my life value, is the freedom to be exactly who I am. This is difficult. First of all, society has ideas of who they want you to be. Second of all and maybe most difficult I have the feeling that people want me to be someone. By these reasons, I easily stop being truly myself and change it for what I think people want to see. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. This adapting started when I was very young which makes that I’m very good at it. Learning to not give a shit and just be me is a struggle that often goes the hard way.
So I want to learn to be my true self and let the self that I’m used to go. To take that freedom. Freedom in making my own choices, but also to take the freedom in exploring and making mistakes.
I would like to make choices only by the reason: if I think it’s good to do. Not by money reasons, not by reasons that other people like me better if I do so and so, not because society expects me to do certain things.
Besides that I also want literally freedom, travelling, exploring the world. Not stuck in one place.
More interesting for you is that I like to share this with you. I want to inspire people to also find their personal mission and go for it, for I think that the world will become a nicer place when more people do what fits to who they are.
My vision, how I want to live this mission.
Well, the personal part is an on-going search. I believe that you can always improve yourself, also improving yourself in being the ultimate you. Sharing this I find important, that way we can learn from each other. So here comes the reason for Brightful World, a website where I share my stories.
But it is also a manner that I can work where and when I want. Not like most jobs on a fixed place or onset times. Flexible, freedom!
I am still part of this society where the money is important, so I do have to get some money. Freedom for me includes the way how to earn this money. For me working also has to go hand in hand with a feeling of freedom. With my website, this will be possible at some time. And until then I will go places and will find short-term jobs.

Sharing more content on my website, talk with people, inspire people to explore and enjoy there ultimate self and do what they love.
Get inspired, find freedom and be your brightful self


Three different ways to share and inspire
The search to be my ultimate self, to find the right path between me and this big world,
and to enjoy life and the little things. That are the three most important things in my life and so in my lifestyle. The search for that right path is sometimes difficult and will work against my complete freedom. For example read my blog about eating sugar free. To give myself boundaries is not complete freedom. I am a sweet tooth, so I like everything with sugar, but I also know that these days sugar is everywhere and it is not healthy. So I try to find a good path in between what I think is good and what I like. But to be honest often what I think is good, in the end, is also what I like.

Enjoy the little things is really important for me. Life goes fast and we should enjoy the normal moments like they are special!

So have the courage to do what you want to do in life and enjoy!
Travelling is a big part of my life and I can tell a lot about it. Moving around the globe is a part of my freedom, of exploring the world and finding myself. Because that is why I love travelling, it is not only exploring the world it is also searching for who I am.
I like to share my adventures in travelling to inspire you, to help you to go on your own trip and maybe take some doubts away about how difficult, scary or dangerous travelling is. It can be addictive though.
I love design. It is everywhere around us. Sadly we don’t always see it, it often seems so normal. That is one reason why I want to point out more of this to you. Also because it makes me happy.
A good design; there was someone who has thought about that building, that chair, that glass. How it should be; which shape it should have, which material, which, colour and so on.

Also with this, I want to inspire you to upgrade your senses. And for the people that have their eyes already wide open for design, I even want to show you other places where to go. This also is, like lifestyle and travel, an endless and abundant journey.
So short version I want to live my ultimate life and inspire/ help you with living yours!

Have a brightful day!