Holiday for a few hours

Week 18/2020


To continue where we stopped last week: the interview! Last Tuesday I had a job interview, it went really well, and I enjoyed it. They explained a bit more about the job, and I am very enthusiastic. In the end, they told me they were happy as well, and I got the job! 

Yes, reached the final level and up to the new game! 


Here in the Netherlands, we are not in complete lockdown. They recommend going out as less as possible only for essential things, jobs that can’t be done from home and of course some groceries. 

For this interview, I had to go to their head office in a city not far for here. Since I don’t have a car, I went by train. And this day with the train made me feel like I was on holiday. This actually showed me how much effect this social isolation has on me. The fact that something normal, like sitting on a train, now feels like something special. I didn’t realise it that much before because I tend to make the best out of this whole corona-isolation, but now I felt how small my world had become and how relieved I felt to escape that for a few hours.


The virus is bad, but this social isolation is not good for my mental health, and the tricky part is, it grows slowly. Like I didn’t know it was affecting me so much. We really have to take care of ourselves that when Covid-19 is over, we are not all depressed.

In about two weeks I can start with the job, and then I have my daily holiday ride with the train, so maybe that helps my mental health to clear a bit. 


*I took the picture in the train on the return trip (the train on my outward journey didn’t have signs like this). They pointed out all the chairs you were allowed to sit. To make sure you keep the correct distance, even those folded chairs in the hallway between the coupes are signed.