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Week 13 / 2020 – Staying at home

Staying at home Week 13/2020   Back in the Netherlands…

Shoes bali
Week 12 / 2020 – Back to the Netherlands

Back to the Netherlands Week 12/2020   Then there was…

Bali rice field
Week 11 / 2020 – What is the plan?

What is the plan? Week 11/2020   I feel like…

Climbing tree
Week 10 / 2020 – Finding my rhythm

Finding my rhythm Week 10/2020   New week new chances….

Lifestyle in Bali
Week 9 / 2020 – Change of lifestyle

Change of lifestyle Week 9/2020   Change of environment and…

Corona warning
Week 8 / 2020 – Thailand and the corona virus

Thailand and the corona virus Week 8 / 2020  …

Enjoy the little things - bubbles
Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things   Life is special! I think,…

Life of a blogger
Life of a blogger

Life of a blogger   Eight o’clock in the evening,…

Eating sugar-free
Eating sugar-free
Eating sugar-free   A goal, a vision, a change. It...
Abseiling Euromast Rotterdam
My abseiling adventure
Abseiling experience   There are people who need the feeling...

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